Simon Rose film editing credits

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       Shabba TX card

Marrying a Stranger

Following an arranged marriage between
an East End lad and a Pakistani girl


Windfall Films/C4

Dir/cam Daisy Asquith

Inside Clouds


2 of 4 sixty minute observational films in a
drugs and alcohol addiction treatment centre

Dir/cam Gabe Solomon
and Simon Davis

Cannibal - The Real Hannibal Lecters


Mass murderers who ate human flesh.
"more thoughtful than expected" The Observer

Dir Katherine English

15 team by C4 poster

Fifteen - The Love Game

Teenagers in Brixton fall in and out of love.

The series won RTS
best doc of 2001 and was BAFTA nominated

Windfall Films/C4

Dir/cam Nichola Koratjitis

            15 TX card

Oliver Morse, Simon Rose, Daisy Asquith, Nichola Koratjitis and Laurence Williamson  by Channel Four poster.

Escape from Colditz - Eureka

Windfall Films/C4

WW2 escape by glider. Part dramatised.

Dir Adam and Melissa English

Modern Times - Bookies never lose


    TX card Bookies    

Life on the rails, as told by bookie Barry Dennis
"a pearl of a documentary" The Independent

Dir Robert Davies

The Decision - Dodger

Windfall Films/C4

A twocker and mum against social services. 
Series won RTS best doc of 2000.


Dir/cam Daisy Asquith


Encounters - Thieves of Time Cunliffe and Franklin
C4/National Geographic

dinosaur fossil poachers chased by small town cop

Dir Jane-Marie Franklin

Real Jurassic Park TX card

Equinox - The Real Jurassic Park

Windfall Films/C4


fiction meets fact. Editor and Associate Producer credits. Dir David Dugan
Horizon - The man who made up his mind  BBC

the brain/mind theory of Gerald Edelman

Dir David Sington

   Yuri Gagarin on TX card          

Horizon - Red Star in Orbit 
               (Nova - The Russian Right Stuff)

Windfall Films/BBC/WGBH

Emmy winning  3 part series about cosmonauts. 

Dir David Dugan
The Decision 

Windfall Films/C4

2 of 4 in series about medical decisions
 from patients view
Dir Robert Davies

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